Blair Robbins -- Artist  

Contemporary Diverse Media Sculpture and Painting

Santa Fe, NM


Blair Robbins sculpting wire horse.

With a background that spans fine art to award-winning documentary films, Blair Robbins' work evokes motion imagery that brings to life her sculptures and paintings.


Blair Robbins

I am a diverse media artist with a focus on sculpture and painting.  When I think about what ties my works together, it is my fascination with time and change.  Change happens on a variety of scales -- from sudden changes in expression on one’s face, to the pathway of light over the course of a day, to the sculpting of the earth’s surface over deep time.  To me, the essence of my work involves the element of change for change implies motion, and motion sparks a feeling of life.  


In the creative process, I strive to capture presence in my subject.  My decisions are freeform and improvisational.  Music helps me to immerse myself in the creative process.  I find it stimulating to work in different mediums simultaneously, at times combining them into one work.  The decision-making process varies with each medium.  When I create a sculpture in medical plaster bandage, the process is primarily additive.  When I create with wire, I envelope space with lines to form a three-dimensional object.  Color reflects my emotional landscape and my Osage heritage.  I tend to work with primaries, blending colors and layering them in an expressive manner that reflects my sensitivities at the moment.


My approach to creating art is inspired by my years as a cinematographer.  Motion imagery to me is poetry in motion.  My art reflects my passion for capturing character, be it animal or human, and my love for storytelling.  My landscapes carry a sense of change marked by the forces that shape the ever-changing earth, and by the natural cycles and trackways of animals and humans through time.  I am an optimistic person by nature and creating art is my sanctuary.